• Αerophotograph DELTA NESTOU

    Αerophotograph DELTA NESTOU



  • Αerophotograph KERAMOTI

    Αerophotograph KERAMOTI

  • Αerophotograph KERAMOTI

    Αerophotograph KERAMOTI

  • THASSOS Limenaria

    THASSOS Limenaria

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    KAVALAλ port

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    KAVALA Castle nightshot



Keramoti is a picturesque seaside village of the municipality of Nestos, near Kavala. It has a long sandy beach, with clear blue waters and organized beach bars. A lot of restaurants offer fresh fish, seafood as well as a varity of good wines and local drink tsipouro. Visitors have the opportunity to perform at nearby day trips.

Throughout the summer season, there are many cultural events with the top “by the sea.”
Keramoti is is ten kilometers distance from the airport “ALEXANDER”, by which operated flights to Athens, but European cities.

The delta of Nestos river, the most important wetlands in the country and Europe, is located twenty minutes. The biotopes of present a great variety and compose a mosaic that favors wildlife.To Information Center Nestos Delta town of Keramoti (behind the high school), began to work for the protection of wetlands and the visitor has the opportunity to understand the value of habitat Nestos Delta.
The city of Kavala, which is located forty kilometers, is a modern urban center, has many beaches, picturesque – a natural harbor and many shops.
The city of Xanthi, which is located forty kilometers, the most important part of the city’s Old Town has a rich history, traditions and customs. Famous city is the Carnival of Xanthi (every February) and the Feasts of the Old City (early September). Also known is the Bazaar of Xanthi, which takes place every Saturday at Square Trade.
Keramoti is the nearest port to the green island  ofThasos ,with frequent  itineraries.Τhere  the visitor in  thirty minutes can enjoy the perfect beaches,the ancient Theater,the rich olive groves and many other things.

Within thirty minutes distance by car, there is the archeological site of Fillipi  with the famous ancient theater and the museum.
The visitor can have fun with water ski ,surfing ,biking ,rafting to  the Nestos river,  climbing,trekking and hunting to the mountains of the area.